Amma Babaji

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Babaji, Shri Brahma Prakash, was born on 10 June 1915 and Amma, Smt Padmavati, on 20th July 1925. Papa & Gudda – Ashwini Chacha have compiled a wonderful document about both of them in Babaji’s centenary year.

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Our Babaji Amma were doting grandparents and we remember them through our many memories. This section is a set of narratives/short stories. As grandchildren, we remember them through various lenses – when we were growing up, then as we interacted when we got older and now when we reflect upon our memories – especially with most of us having our own little ones.
We are who we are because of who they were. As our family grows and we have our children and we try to teach and instill values – it is my sincere hope that we do that remembering Babaji- Amma and what values they taught their children and grandchildren.

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Photos of Amma Babaji

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 Babaji @ Mehndi Function – Feb 1996 – Avi-Veera, Neena-Aalind Wedding
 Feb 1998 – Clip of Amma/Babaji – Veera’s visit to Lodi Gardens, New Delhi
 Oct 2001 – Arya Nagar, Kanpur


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