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More Poems of Chandra Terway

By CHANDRA on Wednesday, September 22, 1999 – 01:19 pm *****HOL BIYA MORA KARBA KA ***** -Tu hai mera Bihari Babu,Mei teri Mashuka Hol biya mora karba ka -Nai nai mei Dulhania hu,ib laaj mujhey bas aaway -Cherat sakhian Gaon mei mohay,jab Balma nain milavay -Hian huan jab jaavat hu,Hum […]

Poems of Chandra Terway

By CHANDRA on Wednesday, October 16, 2002 – 07:35 am Bali Toh Rehega Bali Devataon ke dweep ko lagi hai nazar kali Kuch bhi ho Bali toh rahega Bali Sari Club mei ronak thi , Dunia se nirali Hello Mister-apa khaber (how are you)muska ke boley,toh muh pe cha jayay […]

Chandra Terway

Poems of Chandra Terway

More Poems of Chandra Terway


Wadi Mujib Siq Trail

Wadi Mujib is the wadi (valley) adjacent to the dead sea. It is where fresh water springs come down cutting thru narrow rocks before the water is channeled for irrigation or pumped to Amman. It is about 70 km from Amman, (a little over an hour driving time) at the […]

Wadi Numeira

Wadi Numeira – or what is known as Petra with Water [foogallery id=”2064″] It is on the dead sea highway – past the dead sea, just past the bromine factory on your right is a turnoff for Wadi Numeira. It is about a 2 KM walk one way and easily […]

Dead Sea

A great trip to the dead sea – probably the most pristine location with clear waters and on a bed of salt – it was like waves frozen in time. [foogallery id=”2011″] Google Map Link About 89 km milestone from Amman (on the side of the Dead Sea Highway)