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Amma Babaji

Babaji, Shri Brahma Prakash, was born on 10 June 1915 and Amma, Smt Padmavati, on 20th July 1925.

Indu Mama

First Born to I C Gupta/Arjun Nana & Nirmala Gupta/Nani. Elder brother of A K Gupta & Veena Kumar.
IC-16203 Lt. I K Gupta (40 Med Regt) Regiment of Artillery 1965- Indo Pak War Shaheed. 8-Sep-1965

I’ll start off by talking about Babaji – my grandfather – he was born a 100 years ago (in 1915). I wanted his memories to have a permanent place – other than our hearts – where we as a family could know who he was.

In the uber connected world – it is still hard to connect like we used to – a hug, an embrace or a kick to the behind. While this website will do nothing to solve that, it is my attempt to make us a little closer in a more meaningful way than by a Facebook status update or Whatsapp message. Read no further because 30 seconds are already up. It will take take me many many more seconds to get to the point 🙂

This has been 14 years in the making – from my shared address book concept and now that we have facebook, whatsapp and god forbid tweeting twitter tweetees too. I want this to be the place to go to to share things that we wouldn’t mind sharing with our loved ones.

Hope you find it useful too.

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