Wadi Mujib Siq Trail

Wadi Mujib is the wadi (valley) adjacent to the dead sea. It is where fresh water springs come down cutting thru narrow rocks before the water is channeled for irrigation or pumped to Amman. It is about 70 km from Amman, (a little over an hour driving time) at the Mujib bridge/police checkpost – you can’t miss the signs!

Count on getting drenched thoroughly. Plan on taking a guide (or count on fitter treekers at that time) for another 25 JD if you are not fit coz there are at least 2 places where you will need it. Water is knee deep mostly but a couple places where it is neck deep. On coming rush of water and a narrow passageway make it so at those places.

For me, floating down river on the way back and looking up at the steep rocks was most exhilarating!

Entry is 15 – 21 JD per adult (jordanian/resident/tourist). For adults but young adults are allowed to – like our 15 year old daughter who is taller than either of us. It is best to reach there before the tour groups do – before 10 am. It is open til 4 pm so reaching about 1 pm is also not bad coz there will be no direct sun and hardly any one. You should be able to do the trail in 2 to 3 hours – going and back.

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